The Longest Night Service

December 23
3:00 p.m. The Longest Night Service also known as Blue Christmas

This is a service for everyone but especially for people who have recently experienced stresses in their lives.

A Longest Night Service sometimes also known as a Blue Christmas Service or Service of Light is held on or around the eve of the winter solstice  in the Northern Hemisphere.   It is a modern Christian religious service designed to provide some peace for those that struggle with darkness, grief, loss, stress or anxiety. Loss may include the death of a loved one, divorce or separation, separation due to military service, the loss of a job, or living with serious illness.  It also provides a time of rest and solitude for those feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility of the season or life, itself.

The service includes songs, prayers, readings and silence to help those attending with calmness, contemplation, strength, and love.  The service is done in low lighting with candles providing the light of hope.  During the service each person has the opportunity to light a candle regarding their own particular concern(s).

This would be a wonderful time to ask a family member, friend or neighbor to attend the church who is in need of some reconciliation, harmony and love.  Be a blessing that reaches out to others!!