Hello FFUMC Church Family! 

The education committee has chosen a holiday mission this year for the Children’s Hospital of Michigan (Detroit).

We are making fleece tie blankets for kids staying at the hospital, and need volunteers to cut and tie fleece fabric. 

I am making an easy how-to video for this project and will post it to the Sunday School website as well as YouTube the link is on the Sunday School webpage.
You will be able to access this video on (or anytime after) November 15.


I’m hoping that the cutting and tying can be a great indoor and covid-friendly mission project for those who would like to provide for these kids in the hospital this winter.
The church has a few packs of fleece fabric to make blankets with and you can pick one up on any Sunday.
If you have your own or want to purchase your own fleece fabric, it should be 1.50-2yrds long.
Please drop off your finished blanket anytime during the holidays.  These local kids are really needing some cheer!

— Sincerely,

Nora Jane Mason