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2021.05.09 News & Notes

21-05-09 NEWS & NOTES FINAL              

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2021.05.06 Daily Devotional

2021.05.06 Daily Devotional The Upper Room[1] devotional reflection for Thursday, May 6, 2021 comes to us from Adam Pitman of North Carolina Psalm 121:1-8    1 I lift up my eyes to the[…]

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2021.05.05 Daily Devotional

2021.05.05 Daily Devotional The Upper Room[1] devotional reflection for Wednesday, May 5, 2021 comes to us from Linda Chandra of Banten, Indonesia. Acts 17:16-34    6 While Paul was waiting for them in[…]

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Welcome !  Please Join Us In A Fellowship Of Faith

Founded in 1829, First United Methodist Church of Farmington is a Christ-centered sanctuary from the world and for the world. We cherish our membership of all ages and diverse backgrounds and would be honored and blessed to welcome you too!

Our Mission Statement:

To welcome and connect all people with God through relevant discipleship and service. (Matthew 28:19-20)

Our Vision Statement:

To be a Christ-centered multi-generational, multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, mentoring and multiplying community of faith.

Our Core Values:

Welcoming Visitors ( Matthew 25:35 ) Invitational Evangelism ( John 4:4-10 ) Bible Centered Relevant Preaching/Teaching ( Proverbs 4:7 ) Discipleship/Christian Education
( Matthew 28:20a ) People Matter to God
( John 3:16 )
Please feel welcome joining our congregation of over 400 members at the Farmington First United Methodist Church.