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2021.04.04 Daily Devotional for Lent

2021.04.04 Daily Devotional for Lent

2021.04.04 Daily Devotional Lent

Our Lenten Devotionals feature reflections from The Road Back to God by Larry Neeb. 

Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021

There is no scripture citation suggested for today.


Easter!  What a day!  From the early moments of history, life has been on a downhill trek, a melancholy fall away from God toward death.  Time runs like a fuse through the fabric of life, and that fuse is burning.

The astounding news of this is that life can begin again.  This news is so astounding that it virtually turns the world upside down.  Since the announcement “He is risen … He is not here” was first made, death has been on the run.

No longer must sin destroy; God empowers people to work in love and to discover strength in their lives which transcends the hardships they face.  By His grace they believe, even in the face of death, that the best is yet to be.

No longer is life a process of “marking time” toward death, but a countdown to the greatest experience that life has to offer – reunion with God.

Lord, let your Good News fill my life today and each day hereafter.  Let my life be a torch kindled by the fire of your costly love – shared with me so that I might share it with others.  Today I celebrate that love!  Amen.

–Larry Neeb

Friends –

On this Easter Sunday, I invite you to look around you and find signs of resurrection in our world.  Certainly, at this time each year, our natural world literally “blooms” with new life in the form of beautiful flowers and trees.

Also, I invite you to consider less routine resurrection moments.  For instance, at our Church Council meeting last month, we learned about the details of our congregation’s financial circumstances.  Even in the midst of this pandemic, many have continued to support our church financially.  And so, the people who do the work of managing our finances have found a way to both eliminate our budget deficit AND pay off the mortgage on our building by June.  While this miracle involved a great deal of human work and consideration, God was certainly at work among us.  Consequently, we will experience new life through financial security and empowering mission and ministry.

–Pastor bea