Farmington, Michigan
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Caring Ministries

What We Do:

Coffee Hour Cards – Cards are available at coffee hour for members of the congregation to sign letting our members who cannot attend church know we are thinking of them.

Altar Flower Delivery – We deliver the altar flowers to the homebound based on the wishes of the member donating the altar flowers.

Thoughtful cards, notes, and phone calls to keep in touch with our homebound or hospitalized that cannot attend church.

Visits to the homebound or hospitalized – Visits can be done by any member of the committee. 

Mail bulletin and sermon each week to those who cannot attend church.

Deliver communion to those who cannot attend church.

Our Caring Ministry team is keeping our homebound and hospitalized connected to their Church Family.

The caring ministry team:
Caring Ministry Chair-Parish Visitor: Debbie Miller
The team: Pat Bradley, Pat Fleming, Judy Hanson, Connie Mendoza, Paula Mullan.

If you would like a visit from someone on the caring ministry team
please contact Debbie Miller at