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Outreach & Missions

Outreach – Opportunities for Ministry and Fellowship

The Outreach Committee at First United Methodist Church of Farmington tries to undertake what its name implies. We reach beyond the safety net of our beautiful little church tucked in this peaceful community to serve those who are far less lucky than we.

Feeding the Homeless for example; in the past year we made lunches for homeless people and toted them to a downtown church. We stayed to pass them out and visit a little. We made and served dinner to the homeless sheltered in a Redford church this past April. And in May we helped set up, serve, and do clean-up at a sit-down lunch for the homeless in a seminary on Woodward in downtown Detroit.

Feeding the Homeless helped a church on Detroit’s west side, collecting food and helping them set up a shop of clothing and food to dispense to people in the neighborhood who had need of such basics.

Our group at Farmington First United Methodist has helped organize two Misssissippi mission trips for post-Katrina renovation. We are planning to go again next year.Mission Trip

A successful church performs many services for its members. It’s a place to have study groups, to pray, to take refuge from problems with tolerant, caring people and most of all its a place to grow one’s spirit.

“Outreaching” warms the heart of both recipient and giver. It’s a total win-win experience!
These organizations can usually use help.

These organizations can usually use help.  If time permits, and you wish to help, see the following list of organizations and phone numbers.  This list is elastic and flexible in nature, should you wish to make any additions.